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Silver Jubilee Arched Gate

£449.00 £369.00

Silver Jubilee Arched Gate

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Hand Built, Silver Jubilee Arched Gate, Traditional, solid looking. (not like lightweight, cheaper versions, please see specs below). 

These gates will add character to your home.

Hand build for you. with hammered steel 30mm X 30mm frame, 20mm downbars and baskets and scrolls also 16mm. 

Sprayed, undercoat and black gloss topcoat – price also includes fixtures/fitting and postage. We highly recommend you pay a little extra and get this gate galvanized and powder coated black gloss, this means the gate will “never” rust, nor will the gloss fade. Click and buy, and you can add that add on of £179 later.

This was one of the first gates we designed, back in 1968. 

Just measure your gap/wall to wall, and height, and we will do the rest. Just a small level of DIY is needed, as our hinges basically self level with a few turns.

Pontypridd Wrought Iron. We have been trading from 1968, gates, railings, balustrades, Etc.